TOIFA – The Perfect Platform To Promote Your Business To Cash-Rich Audience In GCC and Africa


What else can be a wonderful opportunity for a business then getting a grand platform to promote its brand. An event like TOIFA is the perfect medium for any type of brand awareness and promotional activities as it has an impressive viewership. Not only does it help a business to set itself very strong against other brands, but also increases its reach. Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to portray your business as a trusted brand in the most watched TV channels – Zee TV and Zee Cinema.

Showcase your brand to the right audience when they anticipate the declaration of an award winner. The time is very crucial and it will definitely have a good impact on the audience. Your brand will be in the minds of the viewer when they go home. The prestigious show is viewed by investors, celebrities, HNIs, NRIs and industry leaders, business tycoons as well as middle-class people across the world.

About TOIFA:

The Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA) is a global Bollywood Intellectual Property owned by The Times of India Group- India’s largest media conglomerate. This time, ZEE TV is the official channel partner for the telecast of The Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA) in GCC and Africa. Not only does the grand event facilitate best movies and film personalities, but also connects with Hindi film fans across the globe.

Why Is TOIFA Considered As A Grand Event?

Attended by celebrities, the event witnessed many wonderful performances as film stars stroll the red carpet and vie with each other for the prestigious awards. Famous celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and many more dazzled the event with their mind-blowing performances. Other important attractions of the event were the hosts Ritesh Deshmukh and Manish Paul who amused the audience with the their witty one-liners.

How Can This Grand Event Help Your Business?

  • This is a golden opportunity for your brand to reach out to the HNIs, NRIs and Cash-rich Individuals in the GCC and African region.
  • A unique opportunity to position your company’s products and services directly to end-users.
  • Sets your business as a strong brand in the mind of people abroad.
  • Offers your brand an extra edge over other brands.

Telecast Schedule Of TOIFA

The TOIFA Event which was held on 18th of March at Dubai International Cricket Stadium was witness by approximately 25,000 people. However, millions of Bollywood fans in the region are yet to witness the grand event. The event is going to be telecast on ZEE Cinema on 21st to 23rd April 2016 and on ZEE TV on 4th of May 2016.

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