Residential Properties In Dubai

Dubai is considered to be a major investment hub around the world due to the ever-increasing rental and selling price of properties, offering an amazing ROI between 7%-20% to investors.

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Unlock Limitless Potential: Exclusive Residential Bulk Deals with RG Group!

Explore unparalleled opportunities in real estate investment with RG Group. We present exclusive residential bulk deals that redefine the landscape of property investments. Benefit from our unrivaled expertise, strategic partnerships, and tailored solutions. Discover prime locations, luxury living, and proven returns. 

Residential Property in Dubai

Residential Property Values Are Forecast To Grow In Proportion To The Economy Of The UAE Prior To The World Expo 2020 Are Forecast to Grow in Proprotion

Along the lines of such a huge surge in demand, RG Group can be of immense help with its comprehensive list of residential properties in Dubai. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a studio or a villa for rent or buying purpose, we can help you find the best deal.  We manage a list of world-class townhouses, villas, studios, apartments and bungalows, which can even be the best investment options fetching a better ROI.

If you are a buyer, seller or a tenant, RG Group provides a one-stop solution to all your residential property related requirements. RG Group helps buyers find the best deal, enables sellers to sell faster and help tenants to get the property they are looking for in no time. In addition, we offer consultation to the investors on residential property investment, helping them to get an attractive ROI.

Our Residential Property In Dubai


RG Group has a wide-range of apartments with varied sizes suitable for renting or selling or buying purpose. Whether you are looking for a single-bedroom or multi-bedroom or semi-furnished or fully furnished apartments for rent and/or for sale, RG Group can accommodate all your requirements under its ambit.


RG Group has an extensive list of townhouses which are suitable for tourist, travelers or big families looking for ample space. If you are looking for a 2/3/4/5 bedroom town house to sell or rent or buy, RG Group  can offer you a helping hand.

Villa / Bunglows

Whether you are a business looking for a great place on rent for your employees or big families or individuals looking for a spacious place to spend their quality time, RG Group can offer you the best villas with all modern amenities in the market. At RG Group, you will get cozy, luxurious 3/4/5/6 bedroom villas that are decorated to a high standard and are located at the prime business as well as suburb locations.

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