Some Traditional Marketing Tricks That Can Help You Increase Sale


Businesses have become very aggressive in their marketing strategies with various digital media platforms. Cost per click (CPC), click-thru rate(CTR), cost per action (CPA) and cost per lead (CPL) have become the yardsticks to measure the success rate of any digital campaign.

Although these terms relate to the success of digital campaigns, there are still some traditional media which can be used to attract more business. A personal touch can not only increase you sale but also help you to add one more trustworthy customer to your business.

Businesses make thousands of calls to their prospects, send SMS, e-mail them to attract their attention. All these are good, but a personalized call to your customer informing him/her about a new product offering is something special to them. When you educate you customer with regular updates, they feel special and stick to you as a trustworthy customer.

Suppose your car is pretty old and it goes for regular check up to the company service centre. it is the right time for you to buy a new car. In such a scenario, if a sales representative suggests you a new model of that company, you would  have definitely showed interest. Brands are losing out on lots of revenue by not following this formula.

Businesses that spend lots of money on various advertising campaigns should do a soul search and include such traditional strategies to increase sale and customer trust. In order to get more business, you need to sell and there is no better idea than selling your inventory to your regular customers instead of spending lots of money on attracting prospective clients.

As a customer, you will prefer buying from a sales person you know. Hence, it is advisable to build a good rapport with your customers to get more business. Your action may look like a traditional shop owner’s mentality, but it will work better in the modern world of business.

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