Google Joins Race with Facebook and Twitter By Adding Identity-Based Targeting Feature ‘Customer Match’


With Facebook and Twitter are personalizing their content to target a tailored audience, Google is not left behind. The search engine giant has forayed into the identity-based targeting with the introduction of ‘Customer Match‘ in Adwords. The new feature will allow advertisers to upload a list of emails into Google Adwords and allow them to show customized ads to those who are in the list as well as to other target audience.

From being a customer-centric entity, Google has inched closer to a more targeted personalization. However, it has put some strict regulation in place so that people will have a positive experience on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Google’s ‘Customer Match’ feature – A Brief
 Customer Match is just an additional feature on Google Adwords which allows you to upload a list of emails not less than 1000 into the database under the Audience Tab. You can add email addresses of your existing customers or previous customers. Google will match the emails to any Google log-ins having the same email address and showcase your ads to the audience. Businesses can apply these lists to their Search, Gmail or YouTube campaigns.

Benefits of ‘Customer Match’
The main advantage of the feature is advertisers can showcase their ads to a particular email id holder. It will give businesses an opportunity to re-engage existing customers, create look-alike models to tap new customers and cross-promote their services or products to existing as well as new customers.

  • Re-engagement of existing audience: It is really difficult to re-engage a customer who has opted for your service or bought a product only once from you. This feature will allow advertisers to re-engage those audiences with customized messages according to their purchase. It will definitely be an effective medium for re-engagement.
  • Attracting look-alike audience: Customer Match feature allows businesses to capture specific type of behaviour within the group. It also enables you to look for other consumers over the internet with the same browsing and keyword search behaviour.
  • Cross-promotion: The tool allows businesses to target current customer base looking at their purchase history. If you have a list of consumers who bought some product from your site, you can show them other related products and impact their purchase decision. It will help you to give your client what exactly they want. Basically, you cross sell your products and services to the right audience.

With these powerful techniques, Customer Match can definitely get a good business to the clients. What you need is a right strategy  which will enhance the customer experience. A good advertising agency with expertise in all such online activities can help you get more out of the tool. They can help you put across your business message to the target audience in an innovative and personalized way.

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