Google Brings In Historical Changes To Paid Advertisement Algorithm

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Businesses using Google AdWords will have Four Slots on top and three at the bottom of SERP

Today, many online marketers are dependent on Google AdWords to get instant results. Any minor changes in the Google algorithm can impact their businesses. Google has made a historical change to its AdWords algorithm that will not only impact organic search but also the paid search results.

Google says that the new design will enable users to have a better search experience with good results and offer them more breathing space. The intention is to offer users with a simpler and cleaner design with uniform search experience across all devices.

What is The Historical Change:

The search giant has done away with the right hand side column paid ads that used to appear on searches. Other than this, it has raised the number of ads above the search results, up to four ads. Users can see three more ads at the bottom of the pages.

Will it impact Organic Search?

Yes, it will definitely impact the organic search as the new search engine result pages (SERP) make paid advertisements more prominent. The new change offers more room to the paid ads shifting down the organic results.

As a marketer what you need to know

Marketers should know that even though the changes have increased the number of ads at the top of the search, removal of sidebar advertisement will decrease the number of ads on the page. The ads on the top is designed in such a way that they look more natural. This new change may drive the price of paid ads in the increased competition.

Businesses need to get ready to face the new change and reconsider their online marketing strategy with the new Google Ad Algorithm. If you are not sure how to go ahead with the new change and restructure your marketing strategy, our experts can help you out.

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