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Uniqueness: Know how to stand out from your competitors, analyze factors that make you different from others and apply your differentiation to your advertising. Focusing on developing a unique selling proposition (USP) is the first stage, at this point don’t get bewildered; having even a single USP could also help.

Examples of USP 

Organic supermarkets: Well known fact that they sell organic products devoid of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. Numerous factors can come under USP’s such as: signature style or the ambience of a Hotel, proximity to your services/offerings, price and etc.

Killer Tagline: Once you have found or developed your unique selling proposition then your next step is creating taglines that immediately catches the attention of your target audience. Remember to keep your tagline as short and simple as your number plate because if it’s brief and complicated no one would bother to bat their eye onto your tagline. Note that a tagline is the summary of your USP.

Taglines used by popular brandsK

FC- Its finger lickin’ good!

Apple- Think Different

FedEx- The World on Time

Remember clicking on an email just because of an effective headline/tagline? The tactic is to make your ad catchy with smart tag line because there are multitudes of Ads a person sees on an average daily basis and as humans we tend to filter out information we don’t find interesting.

Unbeatable offer: An offer so good that your customer can’t refuse. Irresistible offers keeps the customer pinned to your brand for a long time. Once you plan on a distinct offer to persuade your audience advertise it with complete confidence and let the crowd know you have got an offer which is exclusive from other competitors in the market.

Fearless advertising: When people invest or spend money into not so popular brand or a brand which they usually don’t buy; here kicks in the fear factor where customers are assuming the risks involved in opting the services or products of that certain brand. Depending on what type of product/service you are providing; offer a risk free guarantee. Add your risk free guarantee statement to your advertisement.

Examples of risk free guarantees

“Full Money back guarantee”

“Free from Ammonia”

“Break Resistant Ceramic Dinnerware”

Potential customers get extremely willing to use a service/product when they know they have nothing to loose.

Excellent graphics: Never underestimate the power of graphics; we always turn our heads to get a glimpse of anything that is visually appealing. The use of catchy graphics would grab anyone’s attention and some graphic tend to linger in our mind depending on how creative it is.

Visible Contact Information: spending all your time on formulating a brilliant advertisement and forgetting your contact information will make your advertisement purposeless.

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