Surge in Dubai South Commercial Real Estate with Al Maktoum International Airport Expansion

Surge in Dubai South Commercial Real Estate with Al Maktoum International Airport Expansion -rgestate

The recent unveiling of the expansion project for Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South is anticipated to fuel a surge in demand for commercial properties in the vicinity and a gradual uptick in property valuations.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, unveiled plans for a new passenger terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South.

The planned expansions for Dubai’s new airport are valued at AED128 billion ($34.8 billion roughly) and aim to make it five times larger than Dubai International Airport (DXB), with the ultimate goal of accommodating 260 million passengers annually. Furthermore, upon completion of construction, all operations will shift from Dubai International to Al Maktoum International.

Dubai South has consistently attracted investors due to its distinctive offerings, especially in The Residential District, which boasts top-notch amenities for residents’ comfort and convenience. These amenities include an upcoming British curriculum school, public parks, sports courts, retail outlets, a sizable hypermarket, a mosque, a petrol station, and a public bus route connecting the district to the Expo Metro station

The Dubai 2024 Urban Master Plan designates Dubai South as a pivotal area for future urban development, with the expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport seen as a significant stride towards realizing the government’s vision. Such initiatives are bound to positively impact the real estate sector in both the short and long term. As demand grows, the property market in Dubai South is expected to flourish, resulting in higher ROIs and an increase in available properties. It’s prudent to invest now before prices surge and to hold onto investments for the long haul.

Dubai South’s commercial real estate sectors are poised to experience heightened demand, attracting developers, commercial enterprises, retail establishments, malls, and other industries to the region as construction on the new terminal commences.

Dubai South is primed to become the city’s next centralized hub, leading to increased property demand. Its proximity to the airport will also attract investors looking to convert properties into holiday homes or short-term rentals. The Expo’s expansion plans and community growth are already prompting families to consider relocating to Dubai South, with Palm Jebel Ali expected to further drive sales in the coming years.

Both residential and commercial real estate in Dubai South will see a surge in demand. There will be significant interest from airport employees transitioning from Dubai International Airport to Dubai World Central, particularly in affordable housing options. Additionally, there will be increased demand for commercial, industrial, and warehousing spaces from companies servicing airlines and airport operations. Real estate projects like South Bay, The Pulse Beachfront, and an upcoming apartment complex set to launch soon are likely to garner increased attention due to their proximity to Al Maktoum Airport.

Dubai South presents exceptional investment opportunities, with the new terminal announcement expected to create more job opportunities, driving demand for properties in the area. Early investors stand to benefit the most from this momentum. The best property types for investment in Dubai South include villas, townhouses, mansions, and forthcoming apartment complexes with advanced amenities catering to diverse preferences.

Dubai South provides ample investment opportunities across different segments, with spacious units and a market witnessing significant demand. Warehouses for investment, particularly in the commercial market, offer higher ROIs and flexibility.

Property prices in Dubai South and neighboring areas are projected to steadily rise in the coming years due to ongoing developments, infrastructure enhancements, and new entertainment options. This upward trend is anticipated to accelerate following the commencement of activities related to the new Al Maktoum Airport passenger terminal. Dubai South’s development is expected to create a ripple effect, benefiting established residential communities and fueling further economic growth across various sectors in Dubai. The RG Group was established in 2008 in Dubai. Professionally managed and experiencing rapid growth, this group has been actively involved in the commercial, industrial, and retail sectors for the last 15 years. Specializing in various transactions such as buying, leasing, selling with a leaseback, financial investments, acquisitions, business mergers, and more, it encompasses a wide range of parallels, including warehouses, schools, hospitals, and other commercial entities.

The RG Group further broadened its horizons by establishing RVRG Real Estate Brokerage LLC, RGG Investments LLC, RG Interiors, YAS, and RG Development Co. In Dubai, we provide a range of investment-related services.

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