Worlds Biggest Night Market To Open In Deira Island, Dubai


A traditional Arabic night souk is all set to open by the end of 2018. The development will be located on Deira Island which in itself will be 1530 hectares marvel, three times the size of Palm Jumeirah. The Island will be a massive and intricate development featuring residential/commercial buildings, resorts with water park, beach front hotels, amphitheater, retail units and many leisure attractions. The Deira Island is expected to be the hub of entertainment, residence, dining/retail and tourism. The project will bring about numerous job opportunities, elevate tourist attractions and be a sweet spot for marina lovers. The Night Souk consist of several retail spaces in different sizes and cost.

Highlights About Dubai’s Deira Night Market

  • The night market will stretch 1.9 km across the Deira Island. The new shopping and dining development will be 15.3
  • The development will be worth Dh1.57 billion. The souk will have 5300 outlets and 96 quayside cafes and restaurants.
  • The Night souk will be located right next to the Deira Island Mall which will be the world next biggest mall covered on an area of 5.4 million square feet.
  • Once complete the Deira night market will be a city within a city which never sleeps.
  • The Night Market will be have easy access to chief roads and in walking distance to hotels and residences.
  • The Night Market will revitalize old Dubai with a modern twist and  be the most appealing retail destination for both residents and tourist.
  • The Nigh Souk will be framed within beautiful promenade and a broad walking path.
  • Buyers and sellers will converge at one point and which will significantly extend and boost the trading opportunities.

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