Why Should NRI’s Prefer Dubai for Investment Compared to Other Global Destinations?

Indians have seen concrete and steel take structure on the barren desert lands of UAE. And since then it hasn’t stopped. Every sector of business in UAE has major contributions by the Indian community. The food and beverage industry, electronics industry, real estate, clothing etc, you name it and Indians have left their mark in every field here in UAE.

According to research and real estate studies wing of Dubai land department (DLD), in the first half of 2016, Indians invested 13,600 crore in Dubai’s real estate. This is not a small number, so there’s got to be a reason. And the reason being Dubai’s development in infrastructure, tourism, education, entertainment and the assurance it has for a high end lifestyle.

Let Us Have A Look At Why NRIs Should Prefer Dubai Over Other Global Destinations:

  • The outstanding infrastructure that Dubai offers is what entices investors. Owning a property here will make your pockets feel less lighter as it is generally less expensive as compared to the prime locations in Mumbai and Delhi. The access to amenities, transportation (metro, buses, trams) is as easy as a breeze. Dubai even has a substantial social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, community centers. The average ticket size for the most lucrative locations such as Dubai Marina, Business Bay, and Dubai Downtown varies between, 3.35crore-6.67crore.
  • 2475 kilometers in 180 minutes. Leaving home to come back home, this is exactly the feel Dubai leaves us with. Dubai has a large population of Indians working in the city, so Investing in Dubai is investing in home away from home.
  • The straightforward tax fee process while investing does not leave pockets empty.
  • Dubai has rules that are favorable to landlords while renting. The rules lean towards landlords who may have to evict tenants for whatever reasonable cause.
  • Indians are always attracted to offers and discounts and that’s exactly what is offered along with lucrative real estate developments, which is the reason for the huge investment base that already exists.
  • After the unforgettable financial crisis of 2008, the framework for housing and real estate has been regulated since and has brought about more stability in real estate markets.
  • We can never get habituated with never ending paperwork, but in Dubai, lesser paperwork for higher return on investment.
  • Dubai has scope like no other destination buying, shops, warehouses and flat to use or on rent will add already existing income.
  • Being the land where the tallest building stands it just implies that construction norms in Dubai are builder and investor friendly.
  • Making additional income is never a bane, so by giving properties in Dubai on rent, the yields are good enough to recover the costs incurred while buying the property.

So make your dreams to move abroad to a place that offers lifestyle like never before with benefits on investment pouring a reality! Because right now, Dubai is the place to be.

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