Why Property Buyers Should Go For Azizi Riviera?

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With 76 buildings, 9852 studios, 3406 1br and 39 2 bedrooms, Azizi Riviera has everything property buyers look for

Hear our prophecy, Azizi is going to be on everyone’s lips by 2020. Being host to the Dubai world cup 2017, Azizi Riviera as already shown the position they hold in Dubai and now that is going to be propelled to greater heights with the plans of a master community in Meydan, Meydan one.

With 76 buildings, 9852 studios, 3406 1BR and 39 2 bedrooms, Azizi Riviera is expanding aggressively on the face of earth.

Placing Meydan one in the heart of Dubai, it brings lifestyle, luxury, comfort that Dubai is known for. Meydan is the visionary concept of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Azizi Riviera is the culmination of his vision to create not just a venue for horse racing but that positions Dubai at the centre stage of competitive global business stage.

The Meydan one will be unique. Azizi ensures Meydan one has touched all technological highs.

With ambition not taking a breather, Dubai with Meydan will be shattering world records with the highest restaurant in the world, biggest gym in the world. Meydan One is preparing to build a world of luxury and extravagance.

Azizi Riviera aims to change the way you live, Meydan One will be catering to the lifestyle of the young. Meydan One is going to be a well-integrated city and this will be a prime destination for business, sports and lifestyle.

This extravagant property is complimented by a diverse mix of retail, dining, leisure and entertainment facilities, amenities.

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