Why Do You Need Assistance Of RERA-Certified Agent While Buying Property In Dubai?

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Dubai is the most popular investment destination for foreign investors and emigrants. Buying a property as an investor in Dubai is not an easy task for the investors. Knowledge of current property market of Dubai is a must for the same. Anyone buying or selling property in Dubai should take the help of agents who are RERA certified as they understand and know the current market well and can guide you on the right path.

RERA is known as Real Estate Regulatory Authority. It is created by the  Government of Dubai with the objective to regulate real estate administrations and agents working in Dubai. It was established on 31st July 2007 by the Vice President and Prime Minister of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum.

RERA was established with an aim to provide legal framework to buyers, sellers and renters and to permit them to make all kind of asset deals in an effective manner. It acts like an arm of Dubai Land Development Department as it helps them to develop strategies and adaptable activities for

  • Property management organizations,
  • Property consultants,
  • Brokers and owner associations

Registration of Real Estate Regulatory Authority Agents

To become an eligible seller or advertiser of the property, it is mandatory for an agent to get registered with RERA. The process of registration is simple as the agents have to submit all the necessary documents to the authority.

 Why Do You Need the help of a RERA-Certified Agent?

  • These agents help with informed guidance so that the investors can invest their money safely.
  • Laws and regulations quickly change in Dubai, hence hiring an agent will surely be helpful for buyers.
  • They can assist the client to complete formal sales and purchase agreement. A RERA-Certified Agent helps its customers while the customers are dealing with the transfer of deeds or any other matter.
  • RERA-Certified Agents have complete knowledge regarding the rules of the land to both buyers and sellers.
  • These agents are trustworthy and are ready to help their clients in all possible ways. Due to the presence of RERA-Certified Agents, consumers trust the deal.
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