When is the right time to invest in Dubai real estate market?

Dubai has been a preferred investment destination for small, medium as well as big investors for years.  Mostly NRIs, HNIs and big ticket investors from across the globe have been confidently investing on Dubai realty market.

Investors from Saudi Arab and Qatar have started directing their investments towards Dubai. The UK’s exit from the European Union has also attracted global investors towards Dubai.  Other than this, other GCC countries and non-GCC Arabs also have started investing in Dubai realty market ahead of EXPO 2020.

The most crucial question that worries the investors is when is the right time to invest in Dubai and how will be the realty market of Dubai in the coming years. The following video will fade out all your worries.

One of the realty business tycoons of Dubai, Mr. Dinesh Gurnani, who is also the MD of RG Group has a positive forecast for Dubai. During an interview, he has shared some important insights into the realty market of Dubai and its future. Watch the video to know what the realty specialist has to say about the realty market of Dubai.

Why Do Global Investors Prefer Dubai Compared To Other Investment Destinations?

  • Dubai is on top among other cities across the globe when it comes to a better ROI in realty sector. The city is better than Zurich, London, Geneva and New York.
  • Dubai real estate sector is expected to contribute around USD 33 billion by 2020 towards the growth of Dubai. This shows how strong is the real estate market of Dubai.
  • Dubai offers a better value on a dollars-per-square-foot basis, if you compare it to other urban and semi-urban locations around the world.
  • You will get rental yields between 6% to 9% in the residential sector as income & in commercial you can get about 8%-15% of income, this is where we are specializing.
  • The UAE government offers various benefits to investors to encourage more investment.
  • Dubai is one of the safest and most secure investment destinations. It has business-friendly regulations which attract more investors across the globe.

Future Of Dubai Realty Market

At the current scenario, realty market of Dubai looks very promising. We can expect a long-term, positive growth. The current year will be stable. Property prices will inch up ahead of EXPO 2020. The current price levels are very attractive for investors. Companies and individuals who take the first entry will benefit from the improved growth. In a nutshell, It is a good time to buy properties in Dubai.

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