UAE Ranked Thrice As The World’s Top Aid Donor

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As stated by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development: UAE aids and offers more donations as compared to other countries. UAE has donated around Dh 15.23 billion for the well being of other countries. Find out more about UAE’s generous  initiatives, assistance and aids offered around the globe.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai stated on Twitter that “The UAE does not provide conditional assistance and neither does for the sake of reciprocal interests. It does so only for the good and stability of all peoples,” He also stated that as part of the UAEs Year of Giving there are numerous charitable initiatives instigated. UAE is the top donors for the third consecutively for the year globally. UAE has developed high humanitarian legacy over the years for other countries and younger generation to look up to.

Timeline of UAEs Donations


The Emirates Red Crescent has aided from the year April 2015 to March 2017 an approximate amount of Dh 7.3 billion to Yemen. UAE has globally provided Dh 3.3 billion for aiding the renewable energy development.


  • UAE declared to offer Dh184 million for the reconstruction of Mosul after its liberation from Daesh.
  • Dh 32.34 billion was allocated for foreign aid.
  • UAE also assured to persistently support and offer assistant to Yemen and financial aid of 1.2 billion.
  • UAE sent relief supplies of 200 tonnes to Entebbe to offer aid to refugees from South Sudan.
  • UAEs steady supply on foreign aid totaled to Dh173 billion that has benefited 178 countries.
  • The nation has also announced to offer Dh14.7 billion for the development of Egyptian Economy.
  • In 2016 another plane carrying 30 tonnes of relief supplies by Emirates Red Crescent took off to Libya


  • Numerous initiatives and humanitarian operations were implemented by Emirates Red Crescent and around 141,968 families were able take advantage of the relief programmes.
  • Around Dh 400 million was provided for the reconstruction of healthcare, sanitation and water/electricity infrastructure of Yemen.
  • Campaign by Emirates Red Crescent known as known as clothes for compassion was launched to collect clothes and to supply it to war torn areas in Yemen.
  • UAE provided 75 tonnes of relief materials, 64 tonnes of food and 11 tonnes of medical aid to Yemen.
  • Syrians were provided with Dh4 billion during the initial stage of tribulations at Syria.
  • A fund raising campaign known as ‘Yemen: We care’ was launched and the initiative gathered DH 500 million.
  • Another Humanitarian Aid of DH 744 million was offered to Yemen, this time making UAE the highest donor to Yemen of the year 2015.
  • Emirates Polio Campaign by UAE immunized 20.6 million Pakistani children against Polio.
  • Around 1600 orphans from Tulkarem in Palestine were provided with a financial aid of Dh954, 967 in duration of 4 months.
  • Sheikh Mohammad declared that UAE has provided $4billion to Egypt, out of which 2 million was to develop Egyptian economy and 2 billion deposited in Egyptian central Bank.
  • The refugees from Damascus in Palestine were offered Dh55 million in food aid.
  • The adversity from Snowstorm Huda intensely affected Syria refugees and through a telethon Emirates Red Crescent raised Dh150 million for the Syrian refugees.

UAE is taking novel initiatives and developing meticulous plans to make this World a better place.

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