UAE Goes 12 Spots Up In The World Peace Index

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As per the global index reports UAE has been ranked as the 45th most peaceful country out of 163 states worldwide. According to experts a peaceful country’s economy prospers rapidly. UAE has witnessed one of the largest climbs on the Index. What do you think has made UAE significantly go up in rankings in terms of world peace index?

UAE has a safe and calm history and over the years has persistently incorporated numerous security measures to protect and safeguard all its residents. UAE shot 12 spots up due to efficient security measures taken to reduced internal conflict and counter terrorism. 23 indicators were used to examine state of peace in three domains; degree of militarization, the level of safety and security and the level of domestic and international conflict. UAE scored high marks for numerous indicators such as political stability and low impact of terrorism. UAE has a very low refugee and crime level and no loss of life or any causality occurred due to internal conflicts. The ongoing tranquil atmosphere will attract further tourist, investors and professional to UAE.

The Ministry of Happiness in UAE

The ministry of happiness in UAE consists of several agendas and strategies to make UAE one of the top 5 happiest countries in the world by 2021. Several government programs/policies, will be harmonized to develop a happier society. Promotion of happiness in each Emirate will be integrated and bench mark tools will be used to asses’ happiness. CEO’s, professional corporate body and councils will intensively work towards a single objective to make the nation as happiest as possible; training will be provided to officers to implement happiness measure in the most efficient way possible. An institute for happiness research will be established and specialized scientific studies will be regulated to enrich the nation’s happiness on a logical level. Customer happiness formula is another initiative which aims to achieve customer happiness on a holistic level. Another happiness initiative is Labor happiness programme to incorporate the best labour accommodation, happiest work environment, free sim, excellent transportation and recreational amenities. Officials will be employed to inspect the labor accommodation and other facilities are up to the class. The Ministry of happiness will keep evolving to incorporate the best happiness measures in the UAE.

Recent Happiness Measure in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council made a decision of no fee hike for private schools  in Dubai. This decision is for the academic year 2018-2019. The new objective of no fee hike is to relieve financial burden from parents.

Dubai Executive Council has announced to Dubai Municipality  to cut 50% market fee for firms in Dubai. The market fee is 5% of the annual rent of the commercial establishments and it will be only 2.5% of the annual rent that will have to be paid.

The fair rules and regulations by UAE government especially Dubai will set the nation apart from other countries.

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