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Space saving is getting easier now a days due to abundant availability of functional furniture’s in the market,  apart from those functional furniture’s there are few smart ways to make your home look organized and spacious.

Install a slab in your bedroom:  Use your 12 inches of wall below your ceiling to store essential items which you don’t frequently use. A slab can save space by giving you a lot of storage space. If you don’t prefer installing a slab in your bedroom then install it in your store room.

Make your stair case multi-functional:  You can build a custom made stair case with shelves. The empty space under your stair case is often overlooked; you can work on that unused space to develop a good storage area. A storage case door beneath the stairs can lead to lower level secret storage area. You can also create a seating area under your stair case.

Discover functionality: You can DIY a cork board on to the back of your painting and use it to store your jewelry. Don’t throw away your old damaged fridge, instead clean it well and remove all the unwanted parts such as the condenser, compressor and refrigerant then keep it in your storage room to use for storage purposes.  An old fridge sounds like a dirt cheap idea to store your essentials but above all the main distinct feature about using a fridge as a storage unit is that dust particles can’t enter a fridge, so all your stored items will stay dust free.  Attach hooks on to your wooden hanger and hang all your belts and keys.

Vertical Coat Hanger:  Install multiple coat-hangers and use to it hang your bags, scarves and hats. Placing your bags, hats and scarves one after another in your closet eats away all your space.

Add a shelf above your door: depending on how creative you can get, you can make the self look like a décor along with being able to store your goodies. Another space saving trick is adding shelves all the way up to your ceiling.

Exaggerated pieces of décor and furniture which are not functional kills space.  Every one of us have purchased the wrong furniture and regretted it. The good news is with little creativity you can transform your unwanted furniture into a beautiful yet functional piece.  The picture below gives you one best example of how you can transform your unused large dresser table into a bench.

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