RG Group Kicks Off Investments Into Multiple Real Estate Portfolios in Dubai

RG Group - Real Estate Project Development in Dubai

In the constantly changing Dubai real estate market, RG Group is once again making significant strides. They have recently achieved a noteworthy milestone by successfully starting the initial phase of investments for their investors in diverse real estate portfolios valued at 8 million AED in Dubai Investment Park and other locations across Dubai. This deal includes the acquisition of a generous 250,000 sq.ft parcel designated for the construction of industrial, commercial, and warehouse facilities, with a project value of up to 47 million and a projected ROI of 30% in one year, further solidifying RG Group’s standing as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

A Strategic Move in Dubai

Situated within Dubai Investment Park and other locations across Dubai, this development is strategically poised to harness the immense potential of the region. With its prime location offering convenient access to major transportation hubs, including highways and ports, this investment promises a robust return on investment.

The chosen location aligns perfectly with Dubai’s growth trajectory, serving as a hotbed for commerce and trade, making it an attractive proposition for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. This project development in Dubai is ideally placed to cater to the burgeoning demand for industrial and commercial spaces in the emirate.

Investor-Focused ROI

What truly sets this deal apart is the exceptional return on investment it promises. With an expected ROI of 25 to 30 percent, it’s an enticing opportunity for investors seeking profitable ventures in the Dubai real estate market. RG Group’s proven track record and commitment to excellence make it a trusted partner for those looking to make their investments work harder for them.

The robust ROI projections are a testament to the foresight of RG Group and its dedication to delivering results for both the company and its investors. In an era of economic uncertainty, opportunities that offer a substantial and reliable return are invaluable.

A Visionary Approach

The acquisition of this 250,000 sq.ft plot represents a significant step in RG Group’s journey. By recognizing the potential in Dubai and strategically positioning the development to meet the growing demand for industrial and commercial spaces, the company reaffirms its visionary approach to real estate.

RG Group’s commitment to sustainable and smart development practices, coupled with its focus on delivering value to investors, continues to be the driving force behind its successes. This deal is a reflection of the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence.


The closure of an 8 million AED deal is not just another achievement for RG Group; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and investor satisfaction. With a promising 25 to 30 percent expected return on investment, this venture marks a significant milestone in Dubai’s real estate landscape.

As the region’s real estate market continues to evolve, RG Group stands at the forefront, shaping the future with smart investments that offer lucrative opportunities. This deal is a game-changer, both for RG Group and for investors seeking to capitalize on the growth potential in Dubai.

About RG Group:

Established in 2008 in Dubai, RG Group is professionally run and expanding quickly. It has been in the commercial, industrial, and retail sectors for the past 15 years, specialising in buying, leasing, selling with lease back, financial investments, acquisitions, business mergers, and all other kinds of business transactions.

The RG Group further broadened its horizons by establishing RVRG Real Estate Brokerage LLC, RGG Investments LLC, and YAS & RG Development Co. In Dubai, we provide a range of project development and investment-related services.

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