Part 1. Expert Advice; Know Your Tenant Rights And Responsibilities In The UAE

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Expert Advice To FAQs

My landlord has transferred their ownership rights of the property to another person, so the new landlord has come up with new contract terms, is this valid?

As per the Dubai property law amended in 2007; when the landlord transfers the ownership of the property to another landlord, in no means can the new landlord change the existing contract terms, change of landlord do not affect the tenancy contract terms, however the new landlord can initiate new terms upon expiry of the existing contract.

What is Security Deposit? Can Landlord withhold the security Deposit?

Security deposit is given by the tenant to the landlord as a security measure for the landlord in case to use that amount if you intentionally damage the property. Tenants are not allowed to withhold your security deposit under no means other than reasons such as you causing a deliberate damage to the property or any amenity. If there is no damage found then the landlord has to return the security deposit when you vacate the property.

When can I end my property contract if I wish to relocate?

The tenants should be careful while breaking a contract before the actually expiry of the contract, as this will come with a compensation amount demanded by the land lord. The tenants not sure about how long they will stay in one certain location or property or if you face an unforeseen circumstances, in these cases make sure when you make the tenancy contract you mention an exit clause in which case you can break the contract with a minor compensation or notice but again a contract without exit clause then you should settle the compensation with the landlord. However note that even if you break the contract prematurely, your landlord has no right to withhold your security deposit when there is no damage cause by towards the property or any amenity.

As a landlord am I allowed to cut of services or amenities if I face any tenancy disputes?

Under no means are you allowed to cut off any service or amenity. The tenant has the right to complain to the police station if you cut of any services and ask for compensation and claim it through Judicial Committee for any difficulty or damage faced by them during such a cut off.

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