Top Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The essential part of interior designing is making your home look harmonious and effortlessly elegant and this process requires thoughtful designing. Numerous home owners try their best and unknowingly make mistakes; given below are some common mistakes if not taken care of can give you an undesired result.

Fire Hazard: Safety comes first so when opting for drapery in kitchen or in areas where heater is placed; be careful to go for a fire resistant drapery. Another important measure to be incorporated is positioning flammable materials three feet away from each other, décor items such as candle, plastic plants, ribbon etc.

Choose function over looks: before finalizing every furniture and décor item required for your dream home, analyze and choose furniture/décor to ensure it serves a function. It’s not important that every furniture/décor you choose is functional but essential ones should be purchased on basis of function than looks, for example: buying uncomfortable dining chairs which look very appealing, unhelpful extravagant furniture piece eating away the space, avoid overcrowding space with too much décor items.

Do not emphasize on Bright bulbs: Bright bulbs tend to blow out space and take one corner of the room or whichever area you install bight bulb to look flat. Choose a 40 to 60 watt equivalent bulb and in areas where people and task level is active choose 60 to 75 watt. Don’t choose a single overhead light; this mistake will make the rest of the area from where the light is included look stark. Use a mix of ceiling, table and floor lights to make your space look more balanced. Choosing a proper set of lights with the right intensity will allow you to achieve a softer yet comfortable appeal.

Bold Style: Every piece that you purchase as décor/furnishing does not have to look exciting; too much drama gives off a frenzy appeal. Imagine making your favorite dish and ending up adding too much spice, this would not please your taste buds right? Same applies if bold style is over used, there will not be much aspect which will delight your eyes. Avoiding bold style altogether will result in your home looking bland. Choosing a combination of minimalistic style along with a touch of striking bold style would make your home look distinct.

Placing décor at the wrong places: Positioning your painting very high is a decorating mistake; place your painting at eye level. People craning their neck and eyes to get a glimpse of your art work is not a pleasing. Use standard height for paintings; place your painting at 5.7 feet of 5.10 feet height.

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