Now Same Day Shipping In GCC With Hyperloop


Hyperloop development once completed in the UAE, will soon offer same day shipping, transport around 3400 passengers an hour, 128,000 passenger in a day and almost 24 million passengers a year. The figures are beyond amazing for this completely automated transport.

Virgin Hyperloop in UAE

Hyperloop will revolutionize the entire logistic industry by shipping goods faster and more efficiently by offering same day shipping. The DP World is going to partner with virgin Hyperloop and initiate DP World Cargo speed to develop high speed delivery system in collaboration with Hyperloop. The Hyperloop will have an enormous impact on the logistic industry, a central distribution system shall be implemented to ship items within a couple of hours or have same day shipping throughout GCC. The pricing strategy for Hyperloop will not be any different than the existing rail or air transportation, it is not entirely segregated towards the super rich but again the price shall be a bit premium due to Hyperloop being super fast. As per the Hyperloop chief; passengers will not tend to travel in a Hyperloop system to places covering more than 1500 or 2000 kilometers. The Hyperloop will avoid any delay and make business meetings and several other activities stalled due to transportation difficultly will come to an end and offer ease to all passengers. The Hyperloop will be a cheaper alternative for cargo transfer due to less energy involved compared to a plane also the cargo will be moved along with the passenger pods during peak hours. Another off beat highlight is being able to travel between 2 different airports in just 2 minutes and not going through the same immigration or customs procedure all over again in the second airport. Numerous countries have their ports on expensive and valuable lands and this can be sold off for other revenue generating purpose by transferring port activities to Hyperloop.

A sustainable transportation and quick cargo transfer without the use any fuel, Hyperloop uses a patented levitation system which requires very less electricity for the Hyperloop to function. This will be a definitive solution to traffic in busy cities all around the world.

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