Non-UAE Nationals Can Now Get Full Ownership of Lands In Dubai World Central (DWC) Area


In order to support Dubai Aviation City’s objective to grow aviation sector, the Dubai government has announced that it will allow expats to buy land in the DWC area. Investors will now have two options. They can fully own the property without a specific time frame, or can also lease for 99 years.

Dubai has been offering many good investment opportunities to the investors irrespective of their country of origin. This time the offer is something very unique. Though it sounds unbelievable; it is true. Foreign developers as well as investors can now buy lands in these key areas.

What is the New Decree?
The Dubai government declares huge land plots numbered 205, 206 and 207 in Dubai South as freehold and will be available for sale to non-UAE nationals. The decision has been taken to support the growth of Dubai South.

Why is DWC a strategic location?

  • Al Maktoum International Airport is located in this area.
  • Dubai will host Expo 2020 in this area.

As an investor why should you feel excited about it:

  • Nationals of any country can now fully own the properties.
  • Non-UAE nationals can also lease the lands and properties for a period of 99 years.

Getting the property in such a key area is like a dream come true. Get your property in the area and be the first to get the benefit.

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