Key Factors Responsible For Shaping The Future Of UAE

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Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid said that Ministries for happiness, tolerance and youth are the key for future growth of the UAE. He had announced the names of eight new ministers which include 22-year-old Minister of State for Youth. This historic decision will be the key to shape the future of the UAE.

  • Council of Youth
    According to the ruler, the recent changes reflect that we have learnt from their past experiences. Failure to respond to the ambition of the young, which forms more than 50% of Arab may lead to adverse conditions. He puts emphasis on the contribution of young people to the society. The country believes in the younger generation and wishes to entrust them with the responsibility in driving the country to new levels of growth. This has led to the creation of Council of Youth.
  • Ministry of Tolerance
    The country has learnt that ideological and religious bigotry increase discrimination. In order to practice tolerance and instill it in the future generation, a Ministry for tolerance has been appointed, says Sheikh Mohammad.
  • The Future
    The country has learnt lessons from its previous decisions which helped in shaping the future. The country is ready to face the oil slow down with a concrete future plan. A diverse economy has been planned to take out dependency on oil sector. An appropriate infrastructure and diverse economy is expected to shape the future, says the ruler.
  • Ministry of Happiness
    The government is to create an ambiance where people will be able to achieve their dreams. The government is trying to empower people to instead of controlling them. The government is keen on making people happy as happy people offer increased productivity and drive better economic growth. That’s why Mohammad has created a Ministry of Happiness to guide and follow up with all government institutions.

Defining the appointment of new Ministries, the Dubai ruler told that restlessness in the Middle East is due to the lack of opportunities for young people. Hence creating these new Ministries, will increase productivity and bring in economic development.

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