Importance Of Designing Functional Offices

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The current commercial units in Dubai are strategically planned with  high quality infrastructure and state of art facilities. However companies are looking forward in designing a work-space which will have a positive impact to their overall business strategy and lead to an increased employee productivity. Research shows  your surroundings can affect you psychologically. An office space if not designed by accommodating people’s need, this can significantly affect your staff’s job satisfaction and compromise on productivity.

Offices should not be a mere working space but an infrastructure well designed to enhance the physical, cognitive and emotional well being of workers. Develop visual perspective on how the office should be designed; the type of furniture, colour and design schemes which will inculcate worker productivity and a space that would lead to thriving work environment. Studies have shown employees are more productive if they are able to exchange and share ideas with each other, so the spaces should be designed accordingly to incorporate maximum interaction between the staff, this will stimulate brainstorming. The layout of the office space from where the employee is seated to all the way to the entrance; make sure your usage square footage of the space is more and focused towards users attention. Organization is no joke, analyze your office space dimension and choose shelving as per the requirement. Jot down questions such as; Is this space suppose to be document driven to put down time wastage and to increase efficiency? Incorporate the right colour pallete to develop a sense of comfort and motivation also avoid dullness at all cost, its neither pleasing to your clients, nor the staff neither you. Silence matters, we can’t be attentive or get a job done if its too noisy, consider designing secluded work spaces in your office to maximize acoustic privacy. Add personal touches by integrating your staff’s taste and preference, this will make them feel belonged. The workspace must be designed keeping in mind the physically challenged employees, their conveniences and needs should be put into priority while designing.

Lastly make sure your office space is not overly aesthetically pleasing, some end up with this design mistake in order to create a welcoming ambience to their clients; your office space should be a perfect combination of formal style designs and functionality.

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