Hyperloop To Have Positive Impact On UAE Real Estate


Hyperloop is all over the news, many countries are planning to adopt Hyperloop into their nation due to numerous positive elements Hyperloop shall bring to their country. UAE will soon have Hyperloop launched and this mode of transportation will produce a significant impact for all major industries and more over real estate in UAE. Read below to find out about the impact Hyperloop will have on UAE Realty.

Cross Rail Effect in London

Depending on how developed a citys is; it will be directly proportional to that city’s house price and rental yield. Few years back the housing demand in London faced an imbalance in the supply and demand but with the announcement of (Crossrail; mode of transportation) the prices have significantly gone up and the realty market in London has transformed considerably. The Greewich located in Woolwich will have its own Crossrail and this makes this particular area one of the best investment location. Woolwich’s is going to profit from the launch of Crossrail as their investor demand and price growth will escalate. The current rental prices surrounding the Crossrail development area in Woolwich have increased to 69.8 percent after the initiation of the Crossrail project news broke out. Experts anticipate that the prices will likely rise 15 percent further in the upcoming three years and after the instigation of Crossrail in December 2018. The Cross rail announcement in 2010 has not only transformed Woolwich realty price but the demographics have also changed. Woolwich now consist more of young professional who frequently use transportation to travel to the city as well as central London. As per the census data 49.1 percent of the population comprise of  people from the age  group 20-44 years out of which around 39.4 percent people are working fulltime and 9.9 percent part time. Borough of Greenwich is currently having great yields and Woolwich scored exceptionally well in terms of the expected rental growth in which was 21 percent from 2018 to 2020.

Hyperloop One effect on the Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Once completed in 2021 it was revealed that Hyperloop shall transport people and goods from Dubai to Abu Dhabi vice versa in just 12 minutes. The Hyperloop will definitely create positive impact on business men, several industries including manufacturing firms and for the all residents living in both the Emirates. The ultra fast transport will travel at 1200 km per hour. Properties in Dubai offer great yield and impressive capital appreciation but the Hyperloop will further boost both Dubai and Abu Dhabi realty.  Hyperloop will entice investors from far away countries, this kind of effect will be notable between Dubai and Abu Dhabi itself; the travel time between these both emirates will come down to 12 minutes so investors who were earlier interested in Dubai realty will now also be interested in Abu Dhabi realty. The investors will have diversified options to select from both Emirates and the yields will thrive positively with the capital appreciation going up.

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