How To Make An Appealing Retail Space Design

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Have you been to a retail outlet with fuzzy design that made you not walk into that specific space? Below given tactical tips will help you design a tempting retail space to please your customers.

Floor plan: This aspect is very important in determining whether your space will end up looking fuzzy or organized. There are different types of floor plan which can be used depending on the type of product your brand is going to sell. Three common types of floor plans are:

Loop floor plan: The floor plan with defined passageway and every product can be displayed with high visibility with this type of floor plan. Loop floor plan suits small retail stores with sophisticated products such as apparels and accessories.

Grid floor plan: This type of floor plan ensures efficient use of floor and wall space and offers ease of movement to the customers. The grid floor plan is usually used by grocery stores, gift shops and convenience stores to create a grab and go experience. Note that this floor plan is not suitable if your brand is offering upscale products.

Free flow floor plan: Spacious displays highlighting products and ensures high visibility. Apt floor plan for boutique and upscale stores.    

Note: Choosing the right type of floor plan ensures maximum visibility of your product.

The right side on your retail space: Have you noticed when you enter a retail space you naturally drift to the right side of the shop? 90% of shoppers tend to turn to the right side first upon entry. Place your best and distinct products on the right side of the shop, position shelves and racking at the right angle accordingly to maximize visibility. Consider thorough analysis of fixtures/displays for right side of the space.

The entrance: The entrance of the retail space should be grand as this gives customer the first impression. A cozy inviting foyer which would elevate the ambience of your over all space. Add décor or products that look alluring. Have a proper entrance design that makes your retail space look more responsible than a random designed entrance.

Brighten up your space: Lighting is critical to make your space more spacious and to improve overall look of the space. A dull retail space will look monotonous and less inviting. Adding super bright bulbs would destroy your ambience so be careful to use right lighting at apt intervals.

There are many aspects that come into play for designing a perfect retail space; the above tips will help you in the initial stages of your retail space design.

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