How To Design An Ideal Bedroom

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As homeowners people tend to give a lot of importance to the entry hall and living room as this space are often seen by the visitors/guests. Your bedroom should be given the same focus as in the end that is the place you sleep and it should look more inviting and peaceful.

Block out the unnecessary light: You can equip all areas of our home with plenty of lighting to make it look bright and spacious, but when it comes to bedroom you need to incorporate a dimmer switch to manage the level of the light. Purchase curtains with thick fabric to ensure you are not bothered by sunlight during your afternoon nap. Choose practicality over fanciness. Position your mirror at the right place to avoid reflection of light.

Colors: choose a comforting color palette, cool colors gives off a tranquil appeal.  Colors have the ability to provide psychological effects so choose a theme that balances your room well and offers a soothing effect.

Quality vs Quantity: Opt for quality bed mattress/pillows and add comfortable layering of linen to ensure you get a good night’s rest. No artificial plants in the bedroom as they attract unnecessary dust and do no good instead choose real indoor plants that filter the air. Pick few essential oils to calm your mood and to create a relaxing environment. Remove all the unwanted extra décor/clutter and keep your surrounding neat and clean.

Reduce sound: Your clock ticks can make you stay awake, choose your clocks with less sound or for more convenience choose a digital clock.  Check your air conditioning unit frequently as a malfunctioning AC unit can produce more sound.

Tech free: Try to avoid bunch of cord/electronic devices on your table stand next to your bedding. It’s a well known fact that electronic devices emit radiation and therefore make separate small storage units further away from your bed.

While designing your bedroom ensure that your bedroom has to look peaceful to you and not showy to please your guest. You have living room/entry foyer to add all the extravagant elegance.

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