How To Decorate A Long Narrow Hallway

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Most of the time hallways tend to look boring because many people have a feeling there is nothing much to be done with a small space to add appeal. Not integrating a style could make it look like an unpleasant exit hallway.

Hallways are sometimes forgotten and avoided altogether. You certainly do not want your hallway to look like this.

Make your hallway look Beautiful with the below Tips:

Rug: choose a long rug/run over to add visual interest and to make your hallway more inviting; hallway runners are good option for people who are not able incorporate much décor due to their hallway being too narrow. A horizontal striped rug would give a wider space appeal.

Wall: Add wallpaper to your hallway; choose light colored wallpapers with minimal design details. Avoid chunky wall paper to in order to look less bulky. Wall paneling is another elegant feature to lessen monotony. If your ceiling is in low height then do not choose the same wall color for the ceiling as this tends to make your hallway look more small, always choose a contrasting color for your hallway.

Art work and other decor:  Add mirror to the focal point of your hall way; this helps to avoid a dead end look and give an illusion of more space.  If there is enough space then add a table; include small flower vase or miniature art pieces/candles, tiny details do matter.

Lighting:   Using lighting across the hallway gives a soothing effect also produces a wide and taller effect to the hallway. Using lighting on the darker sides of your hallway where light won’t reach and opting for a chandelier is also a smart move. Depending on how long your hallway is choose around 3 to 4 mini chandeliers or one single chandelier positioned in the middle for a small hallway.

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