Good News For Employers and Employees In UAE – Expats Need Not Exit Country To Modify Visit Visa Status

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Status Of Entry Permits Can Be Changed To Residency Electronically At Port Of Entry Or At Immigration Offices

Holders of visit visas will no longer need to exit the country to change the status of their visa to a residency permit, says Ministry of Interior on 3rd January, 2015. Ahead of the EXPO 2020, companies have started hiring lots of expats in different sectors. This decision will positively impact both the employees and employers by saving their time and effort.

Under the resolution 377 of 2014,  all types of visa holders can change the status of their entry and residency permits by staying inside the UAE, says spokesman for Naturalization, Residency and Ports department at the Ministry of the Interior.

Expat can change the status of their entry permits electronically using some fast and easy steps. Visitors need not leave the UAE in order to update their visa status. They can pay all the required fees by staying inside the country.

How will it impact employers and employees in the UAE?

Previously, expats holding a visit visa were to exit the country if they find a job in the UAE to amend the residency status. This rule has changed now. They can now change the status while staying inside the country and by following certain procedures.

The rule will also be applicable to spouses of residents or anyone who wish to change the terms of their entry permits. The new ruling will help the expats who wish to change their visa status without the travelling. This decision will save time and effort of the expats.

What is the procedure?

Business entities as well as visitors will be required to submit their visa renewal applications before the expiry of the entry permit to avert any violations. Expats can go to any immigration office or ports of entry in the UAE to avail the services.

The new regulation will impact the following types of entry permits:

  • Transit entry
  • 30-day short visit visa
  • 90-day long visit visa
  • Entry permits for medical treatment
  • Entry permits for study
  • Entry permits for exhibitions and conferences
  • Tourist visas
  • GCC resident entry permit
  • Work-related entry permit for 14 days
  • Work-related entry permit for 90 days
  • Work-related multiple-entry permit
  • Entry permit for work or residency

The new decision will definitely help companies in finding their resources easily without having to be worried about their exit plans. Similarly, employees will be more than happy to continue their stay in the UAE even after they get a job. If you are a company planning to recruit employees in Dubai and on the lookout for a labour/staff accommodation, visit our website and post your requirement, we will ensure that you will get an amazing deal.

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