Get Your Property Related Queries Answered by Our Experts at Asian Property Show in Harrow, London

Harrow property show - RG Group

Avail Unique Opportunity to Meet Our Directors, Educate Your Self about Dubai Property Market and Choose Best Investment Options

The city of Dubai is currently the most dynamic city in the world. The very robust nature of the city being developed as the most happening city of the world, makes it the prime investment destination for real estate projects.

Established in the year 2008, RG Group has grown to be one of the most reputed real estate companies, due to clear cut policies of the directors, to safeguard the interests of the buyers and the sellers of properties, We at RG Group Real Estate brokers Dubai insist you, to be a part of the growing popularity and good investment opportunities in Dubai.

As part of the global marketing plans of the company, the directors of RG Group will be visiting the city of London to showcase a bouquet of big & medium sized premium investment options with attractive payment plans and return on investments.

Our directors have a wide range of experience in real estate property across the globe. They are market leaders who have analysed the real estate market across the globe. Doing business in the heart of Dubai, they have gathered enough experience and have been offering free real estate consulting to the people across the globe.

Being their roots in India and have the main business in Dubai, they are the right experts to consult if you are looking to invest overseas, especially in Dubai market. They have seen the ups and downs of the market and can predict the market situation for next 20 years. As per their view, it is the right time to invest in Dubai real estate market.

These industry experts are now in London, using the Harrow Show, as a platform to reach out to the people across the globe. It is now the right opportunity for those who wish to invest. As per the experts, real estate investment is the best and the safest investment compared to any other types of investments. Not only does it offer you the best rental income, but also give you high property appreciation value.

Who Should Visit Us At The Show?

  • Chartered Accountants:
    As you know, chartered accountant finalize the balance sheet of the business entities as well as help individuals in return filing. Investors always refer to CAs when they make any type of investment. We understand that CAs are good in managing your balance sheet but they cannot offer real estate consultancy or proper investment ideas. We can guide them how to make the right decision when it comes to investment.
  • Fund Managers:
    Fund managers always look different lucrative ways to use the funds of the company or their clients. We can assist the fund managers to guide their clients and get them the best offers or investment options.
  • High Net-worth Individuals (HNWIs) & Non-Resident Indian (NRIs):
    London is house to a large number of HNWIs from various countries. Being in Dubai for more than two decades, we have helped many HNWIs and NRIs to park their hard-earned money. We can further extend the same service in London as well.
  • Business Entities Looking For Investment Options:
    There are various business entities in London who frequently look for investment options. It is an opportune moment for them to take the advantage of the same. They can come and meet us. We would love to help them out.

In a nutshell, our directors will be in London to offer free real estate consultancy and a helping hand for those who desperately look for the best investment options. In fact, anyone who is interested to gain real estate knowledge or is looking for different type of investment options, please visit us at the show.

Stall No. A4
Harrow (U.K) Leisure Centre,
Harrow, MiddleSex.

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