Free Parking Space Allotted In Dubai For Eco-Friendly Cars


Roads Transport Authority of Dubai has set free 70 parking spaces in various paid parking zones specifically for eco friendly cars. The initiative is taken to promote sustainable living and to motivate everyone have an environmental friendly vehicle. Dubai Government is adopting measures to cut down carbon emission and offer an extremely healthy environment.

The free parking’s will be easy to find as slots are painted in green outline. You can find these slots at Central Business District, Trade Centre area, near BurjKhalifa, in Dubai Marina, on Jumeirah Street and along the Sheikh Zayed Road. The time limit for every eco friendly vehicle will be 4 hours; this will allow every car to be parked in rotation wise. As the eco-friendly vehicles will increase in number even the parking slots will be developed accordingly.  Currently most of the vital parking zones are covered. There are several incentives offered in Dubai if you own an electric car; you will be excluded from paying the RTA registration and vehicle renewal fees, free salik tags and you will be able to avail free charging at 100 major station located all around Dubai. By 2021 there will be more hybrid taxis incorporated in Dubai.

What is an Eco-friendly Vehicle?

An environmentally friendly car generates or derives its own energy from charging and lowers carbon compound which otherwise emitted by non eco friendly cars. Apart from being environmental friendly the owner of an eco -friendly car will be able to save on fuel cost. An eco friendly car is less likely to shut down compared to fuel based vehicles. Studies state that an eco friendly vehicle can offer you an excellent return on investment due to the minimal impact the engine undergoes due to not being driven by fuel but charging. Moreover depending on the location where you reside there will be attractive incentives offered for people who own an eco friendly car.

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