EXPO 2020 Dubai Awards 72 Tenders Through Its Online E-Sourcing Portal

Dubai Expo 2020 RG Group

Individuals As Well As Companies Can Register Themselves To Bid For The Opportunities

Expo 2020 Dubai has awarded 72 new tenders through its online e-Sourcing portal to domestic as well as international firms. Big brands like the recruitment firm, Bayt.com, global designing company, Thinkwell Group and innovation expert, Nine Sigma, among others, have been awarded tenders.

Some SMEs including Delma Interiors, Miraj Media and Mixari Ladies Tailoring were also awarded tenders. Others SMEs including, local firm Time Lapse Middle East received tender for producing time lapse photography and a Jordanian firm, Panmed Energy got tender for providing hybrid generators.

Manal AlBayat, Vice President for engagement at EXPO 2020 said thought-leading companies from the UAE and across the globe are being associated with us in order to prepare the ground for the grand event which expects visitors in millions.She is very much delighted to work with these companies to achieve the objectives.

EXPO 2020 Dubai also publishes tenders on its portal. Various contract or work packages are currently in tender. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can register yourself and bid for the opportunities.

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