Dubai To Have Another World Class Mini City Jumeirah Central City


Dubai to have another world class mini city; Jumeirah Central City

The first mix use mini city in Dubai will be an envisioned landmark. The contemporary district will be on an area of 47 million square feet and will feature retail, hospitality, residential and office. The development is combined with numerous leisure attractions, plazas, shaded parks, barrier free communal spaces and many more. Around 8 km of pedestrian streets are climate controlled.A visionary community with leading infrastructure and facilities. The development will be located in Jumeirah, between Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

A brief on Jumeirah Central City

A new urban development with high functionality and super convenience. The resilient mixed use development will be the gravity centre for tourist, residents and business professionals. Ultimate global hub delivering human scale public realm, all season lifestyle and multi modal transport. The project is going to be more than just a mall or a simple attraction.

The mixed used development will have 11000 residential units surrounded by 1 million sqft climate controlled arcade, 40 new entertainment attractions, 33 community parks, 37 plazas and 3 malls, 2.6 million sqft street retail, 7200 hotel rooms, 7.5 million office space, largest standalone department store, world’s largest outdoor gallery and live entertainment district.

The connectivity of this smart development is exuberant, once completed the development will have first in the region aerial transportation system,  25 point of vehicular access, 8 modes of transit, 6 tram stops with 2 tram lines, 2 metro lines, 33 bus lines and airport express check in facility. The core ideology of the development will be easy connectivity.

The development is highly pedestrian friendly, from the infrastructure to the urban street layout; every bit is designed enabling visitors or residents a harmonious space. Shaded parks and arcades as well as the temperature controlled zones provide the ultimate comfort to guest or residents and encourage a neighbourly interaction.

The phase one of the development is opening soon! A truly mixed use development set within the posh locality of Dubai incorporating international standards, will shape the future of Dubai.

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