Dubai Realty Becomes The Top Foreign Investment Destination In The World

Dubai is attracting foreign investments in abundance and setting a perfect example for other countries as well as portraying an impressive economic vision. The mature business diversification, sustainable policies and most continually evolving lucrative environment turned Dubai into a business hub. The encouraging regulation on foreign investment and massive port facilities kept driving in more traders and business professionals, on the other hand the above said factors contributed to an impressive growth of realty market of Dubai. The high standard commercial and residential developments with highly innovative ecosystem further elevated the realty demand in Dubai.

Dubai Realty Foreign Investment

Government of Dubai is keen on expanding various sectors and making the Emirate a diversified nation, this adaptability makes Dubai resilient and inviting to the investors. Transparency is the chief factor attracting foreign real estate investment to Dubai. Dubai is considered as a Hybrid city with dedicated markets, excellent livability and highly competent to national and international peers. As per the latest reports in Q2 of the year 2017 Dubai witnessed a huge surge in the international investment flows into Dubai Realty. The noticeable demand was seen for luxury realty also commercial realty. The continuous economic progress and the government dealing with the short term challenges fairly well; provides confidence to the investors. There are several objectives and regulation which is making the Dubai Real estate market exclusive. The world class development in terms of everything, novel Dubai strategy 2021 will stimulate the inflow of property investments, excellent payment plans. Dubai property market is extremely dynamic and moving at a faster pace and therefore a brighter future is ahead for Dubai.

Investment Opportunities

RG Group Real Estate deals with all types of exclusive developments such as full buildings, Hotels, multitudes of warehouses, staff accommodations and open lands, also phenomenal properties which are built a little time ago and are still in demand such as Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Circle etc. There are many new developments including off plan projects which are also highly on demand and are getting sold off in a jiffy. Few new developments include Akoya oxygen, Dubai South, XXI Carat Ultra Luxury Villas and many more. The demand of these developments is due to most of them offering a secluded harmonious community with all facilities and amenities nearby. The prominence of the location also determines demand. The architectural design utilizes maximum space without compromising on the quality. Along with architectural design few key attractions such as beach side living, golf community and minute away from major malls/airports are another elements driving the demand further. The price factors also play a major role in its demand, some of the residential developments have an affordability element making it easier to invest or for the ease of first time home buyers.As per the recent report by consultancy JJL Dubai has come under the Top 30 in a commercial realty ranking. The increased demand in the Dubai commercial realty market has made investor keenly invest in the commercial developments. The commercial realty is seen to be occupied with low vacancy rate due the global presence of UAE and pioneering free zones with full ownership plus tax free benefit has battalions of business professional flocking. The economy is on its toes developing multitudes of commercial developments to meet the high demand from the business professionals and investors.  The demand is likely to proliferate further as the Expo 2020 is on its way. This trend is likely to continue due to the constantly developing economy of Dubai in which the commercial realty tends to offer sustainable cash flow with amazing capital appreciation. Another reason investors take up commercial developments is due to the less maintenance involved as commercial developments in Dubai are the most high quality infrastructure. The frequent dynamic development of Dubai in all sectors of economy will further optimize the commercial realty market. Click here for more details on investment opportunities…

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