Dubai Municipality Declares To Use Makani Numbers In Google Map

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Dubai Municipality Has Announced To Use Of Makani Numbers In Google Maps In Association With The Tech Giant, Google.

Residents Of Dubai Will Now Be Able To Locate Any Building By Using The 10-Digit Makani Number Assigned To Each Building, On Google Maps.

Currently, Makani Dubai, a mobile application crafted by Dubai Municipality, is used to locate any building using the code. This announcement is just an extension of the similar service on Google Map. Dubai residents will now be able to locate any building by using the unique building code on Google Map.

What is a Makani Number?

Dubai Municipality has assigned a 10-digit code to each and every building in Dubai. That code is called Makani number. The 10-digit code can be used to locate a building using the Makani smart application. Whether you want to locate a villa, or a hospital, or an hotel, or an office, you will be able to locate them using the Makani Application.

Usage Of Makani Number

A Makani Number can be helpful for emergency vehicles, delivery professionals, as well as individuals in order to locate any building. The 10-digit number has been assigned to all residentialcommercial as well as industrial buildings. Makani coordinates are the official addressing system of Dubai. The Makani codes can also be searched using the name of the building or location on Makani Dubai App.

Benefits Of Collaboration With Google

Dubai residents will be now able to find any building location by using the Makani code on Google Map. With the wide reach of Google Map, people will be able to easily trace any location without the help of any application.

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