Dubai Instigates Worlds First Virtual Charity Foundation

virtual-charity foundation

The Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, in association with Dubai Future Foundation, has created  two artificial intelligence (AI) projects  known as the Virtual Charity Foundation and Virtual Ifta. Read below to gather insight on the latest virtual project.

The Virtual Charity Foundation is one of its kind in the world enabling donation to directly link with the beneficiary via AI and Block Chain Technology. The virtual charity foundation will put down any waiting duration witness by the beneficiary. The project intents to safeguard the identity of beneficiaries along with offering a sound platform for community groups from every nook and corner of the world to analyze and track down charitable aid opportunities. Virtual Ifta is a specialized platform which will function based on a computer system enabling smart decision making which will surpass the ability of a human expert. The project is aimed at proving an instant experience and eliminate any duplication by erasing repeated questions and scholars/muftis will be able to answer a vast range queries in a systematic and instant manner.

The virtual Charity foundation is part of Dubai 10X initiative where the objective is to position Dubai 10 years ahead of other cities. The virtual charity foundation seeks to develop a brilliant and flexible environment to cultivate charitable activities, boost and intensity measures to document fatwas and serve the community via smart procedures. Dr Hamad bin Al Shaikh Ahmed Al Shaibani, director general of the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, said: “As part of its participation in the Dubai 10X initiative, the Department has developed interactive smart platforms using advanced artificial intelligence technologies to enhance philanthropy and create a new method for delivering fatwas. “These projects are in line with the Dubai Government’s objective of promoting innovation in all sectors to enable Dubai to establish global leadership in shaping the future.”

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