Dubai Health Forum 2018 Will Focus On Innovation

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Dubai Health Forum 2018 willfocus on Innovation

Dubai is seeking news ways to implement novel innovative measureson every sectorsand one of it is Healthcare. The health forum 2018 will be held on 15th of January 2018, the forum will focus on new objectives that will shape the Dubai Health Care facilities into the most systematic state of art facilities with superior technology. The article will offer an insight on the highlights of the Health Care Forum 2018.

Dubai Health Forum 2018

The forum will consist of numerous healthcare professionals which will be 33 speakers from 22 countries.The mains topic that will be discussed in the forum will be genomics, Artificial Intelligence, precision medicine and lifestyle management. As stated by Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of DHA: The Forum is going to discuss the objectives of Dubai Health Strategy 2021 and willpresent new innovative equipment’s and technology also how it will be newly updated to incorporate extraordinary healthcare. The changes will highly benefit patients on a holistic level and offer quick diagnosis.Dr Manal Taryam, head of DHA’s Primary Health Centres, stated that the genomics and ArtificialIntelligence will be put to use, this will enhance radiology and diagnostics. The use of 3d printingwill be undertaken which will revolutionize health healthcare facilities to a new level.IBM Watson Group has initiated a research on special blood test kit from specific high risk individuals to detect diseases such cancer early. This will be known as Cancer Intercept Detect which will be added to Dubai Healthcare. There will be a latest technology avatars where patient’s queries will be dealt quickly and with ease.Special sensors will be used in geriatric care, robotics for eye, heart and which every organ that requires surgery. Block Chain Health Care delivery will be incorporated and the telemedicine will become part of every health care facility in Dubai. Dr. Taryam stated that DHA is the first to initiate telehealth in the region. The emergency department of Hatta Hospital is equipped with RoboDocs. Numerous primary healthcare centers are linked to Rashid Hospitals Trauma Centre. Tele health will be highly used and incorporated further. Non Communicable diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases will be treated under highly integrated innovative facility and systems. An overall high specialized and innovative technology will be incorporated to making the Dubai Health Care one of its kind.

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