Dubai Has Become One Of The Top Maritime Capital

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Dubai has become one of the top ten most prominent maritime capitals of the world. Dubai is ahead of London, New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro. Dubai has one of the most dynamic markets in the world and is the central business hub importing all the major chemical products, transport equipment, machinery and food; thus the maritime industry is flourishing.
Dubai has attractive and super functional waterfronts and impressive recreation friendly policies. The new development Al Habtoor project will alone have 1400 berth marina and this will improve more yacht handling capacity. Dubai Canal substantially increased the face value of Dubai’s position as a maritime capital. The Dubai Maritime City Authority plays a great role in transforming the emirate into a maritime capital, The DMCA entices huge proportion of ship owners and shipping companies which has made these firms transfer to Dubai. Dubai has bagged the leading position under the criteria : shipping, finance and law, maritime technology, ports and logistics, also overall attractiveness and competitiveness. Dubai being the most dominant hub and the exclusive global position has left behind well-established centers such as Singapore, Oslo, Copenhagen and Hamburg. The DMCA will integrate novel legislation, financial structure and legal initiatives; Dubai Maritime developments will continue to grow even further rising up in rankings. The innovative technologies, safety, performance, efficiency and integrated strategies keep the local marine sector at par with the top marine industries of the world. DMCA strives to improve the human resource employed for the development of maritime sector, highly effective communication and systematic functioning to control any limitation due to distance and time. The comprehensive practical approach by DMCA makes Dubai leading regional and global maritime center.

A new attraction at the waterfront

A floating food truck on the sea delivering food to those on boat, kayak, jet ski or paddle board. The official name of this creative concept is Aqua Pod. You will able to find them at Palm Lagoon, Al Sufouh Beach and Kite Beach. The staff at Aqua Pod will distribute flags to large boats that can’t come in close proximity to the Aqua Pod. People on boats can raise their flag and the Aqua Pod staff will reach you on a jet ski and take your order and deliver it. You can also order your food in a similar way as to how you order from normal food truck. The residents of Dubai spend significant time in the waterfront for leisure therefore this innovative concept of floating eatery will offer a fruitful experience to people.

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