Digitize Your Firm To Enhance Field Workforce Performance And To Boost Turn Over

Digtaize your business

The market and business industries are ever evolving to set themselves apart from the competitors and be distinctive. Several challenges are faced and newly formed. The benefit of digitizing your firms physical assets and electronic resources come in tri- fold; digitizing helps you overcome challenges, the standard and modern process will trim cost and time. The firms which fall under banking, healthcare and insurance sector intensively use digital utilities and this has bought fruitful results and have drastically improved customer expectation,developed highly efficient work models which deliver customer centric solutions. Now envisioning the firms which are not much into digitizing, majorly firms from the oil, construction, telecommunication, and gas firms; these firms tend to have high risk operation and complex physical assets to manage, if these industries decides to go digital they will be able to able to change the entire outlook of their business and yield enormous results.

Digitizing Your Firm

  • When a firm decides to go digital it comes to a win-win scenario where the firm can either invent or optimize. Some firms tend to choose low reward interventions such as GPS data, Fleet optimization which adds to the overall efficiency but does not develop an outstanding work competence.
  • Re-designing work model and incorporating a work model will eliminate risky practice, waste of time, unproductively, repetition and ease tackling of challenges witness by a firm.
  • When going digital the main key aspect to be followed is to include the employees in the designing process, because the employees will use the digital applications/ product in real time. Including employees on every stage of digitizing process and incorporating their inputs and needs results in value creation, improved productivity and delivery of services by a firm in a more quickly and cost effective manner.
  • Digitizing should result in a process of designing great solution for employees. The developers and designers part of the digitizing should directly talk to employees, field workforce and outdoor sale staff. Conduct product design debates, incorporate every employee’s insight and to come up with an all in one digital agenda that will benefit all employees equally resulting in real value and real improvement.
  • Do not try to replace an employee’s skill by digitizing because in such instance the entire digitizing process will create a negative impact on the employees productivity. Follow a do no harm principle.
  • Each employee is different, not all of them are doing the same job and at this point people tend to wonder if each employee individual requires a different type of digital product depending on their type of work, the answer is No!. Your firm needs to work on the similarity each job shares and implement digitizing.
  • Note down your outdoor employees response to feature of the new digital app/product, offer ready prototypes to receive sound feed-backs for further improvements and possible refinements.

Your firm can be highly innovative yet lag back from reaching full efficiency if your employees are not introduced to practical work methodology through digitizing therefore incorporating adaptability is powerful. “Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” Max McKeown

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