An Amazing Guide To Warehouse For Rent In Al Qusais

warehouse in Al Qusais

With the current supply of commercial storage space, finding a suitable warehouse can be a challenge. However, that does mean you’ll be able to pick and choose and find exactly what you need like a warehouse for rent in al qusais. Renting commercial space typically requires a multi-year contract. Therefore, we recommend looking for other open spaces on the premises or nearby. 

If the space included in your lease is too large, you can expand your current facility without destroying it or compromising efficiency. Changing warehouses and fulfillment centers is disruptive to our business and we want to minimize this as much as possible.  You should consider a local agent or a well-established real estate company

To make sure the camp you choose is right for you, you should consider the following factors:

Guide To Warehouse For Rent In Al Qusais

1. Find The Best Industrial Area For Your Business.

If customers visit your warehouse frequently, a prominent or easy-to-find location is a must. So it is an important warehouse for rent in al qusais.It is important to find a location that customers can easily access and park. It makes no sense to pay extra rent for an upscale or prime location if customers rarely visit.

2. Find A Company That Specializes In Warehousing

Be aware that a real estate agent with experience in building homes and villas may not be the right fit for you. Look for a real estate agent with extensive commercial real estate experience. Working with freelancers is strongly discouraged. Because freelancers won’t help you if you have a problem with your rental property. 

3. Storage Space Rental

If you are renting storage space for a special purpose and need a lot of power, make sure the storage facility has power before signing the lease. Check with your electrician to see what amperage is available at your warehouse. This is important before completing the transaction.

4. Government Taxes

In addition to rent and VAT, different regions impose different government taxes on commercial property. Make sure you know about taxes paid to government agencies. There is a 20% tax on Dubai Industrial City, 20% on Jebel Ali Industrial Zone, 15% on Dubai Industrial Estate and 20% on commercial property rentals in Al Quoz and Ras Al Khor.

5. Approved By The Government Authorities

To verify that your activity is approved by the government. Officials recommend requesting a copy of the allocation plan from the real estate agent or landlord to confirm with the DED whether the camp location is acceptable. In many cases, DEDs and municipalities will not allow food to be stored or processed in garages or warehouses that house polluting practices. 

6. Negotiate On Your Behalf

After you’ve shortlisted the warehouses (maybe 2 or 3), explain to the real estate agent which warehouses for rent in al Qusais that you prefer and why. And let them negotiate for you. Always ask for a draft of the lease so that you can read and understand the TCs before signing in a hurry. Upon receipt of the 2 originals from the TC, review the TC’s points and ensure that you understand the lease terminology and that no changes have been made to the approved final draft.

7. Maintenance And Operating Costs

When you sign a tenancy agreement, in most cases the landlord will pay for maintenance and operating costs, such as taxes and insurance. This is not the case for commercial warehouse leasing; Make sure you understand what is expected of you as a tenant before signing a lease and include it in your budget while looking for a warehouse to rent.

8. Share The Charging Dock

When considering a loading dock  of a warehouse for rent in al Qusais, check how many docks there are and whether you need to share them with other businesses in that warehouse. Dock type is also important to consider as some product types can be very susceptible to the elements and not all docks are weatherproof. 

Common Loading Dock Types Include:

  • Open: The truck backs up to a weather-beaten open dock area. These are the most common.
  • Depression: These types of docks have sloping driveways and may require more attention from the driver to avoid damage to the building.
  • Washing: These appear to be some of the most common docks, with the loading dock opening completely flush with the building. Make sure there are ramp bumpers on the outside to prevent the truck from scratching the building when docking. 
  • Attached: This type of dock has a cover to protect it from the elements. These typically require ventilation to prevent vehicle exhaust from reaching dangerous levels. 

Benefits Of Warehouses For Rent In Al Qusais

Diverse Economic System

Offering a strong and capable marketplace to operate from anywhere in the world, Dubai offers numerous opportunities for your business to grow. Jurisdictional segregation allows business zones to offer categorized venues tailored to specific business needs. Therefore, warehouses for rent in al qusais, in specialized zoning areas can have a significant impact on your business.

Strategic Geographic Location

Dubai’s convenient and central location is also one of the main reasons why renting office space in the country is essential. In addition, this will enable the company to grow not only in the emerging markets of India and China, but also in the fast-growing markets of Asia Pacific and South Asia. 


It’s no secret that Dubai’s infrastructure is a dream. If you see warehouses for rent in al qusais, having a good infrastructure means you don’t have to worry about office resources, which is even more beneficial for your business.


Legal procedures in Dubai are very convenient when it comes to foreign trade and investment. The Dubai government has streamlined the process from obtaining a license to setting up a branch so you can get your business up and running in no time. 


Maintenance and running costs are not an issue when doing business in Dubai. When renting a commercial property in Dubai, you don’t have to think about additional costs that require the owner’s attention. Therefore, renting a warehouse in al qusais is better than owning an office as the rental costs are low and you can start your business from day one with all the equipment available.

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