The Most Awaited Wildlife Project Dubai Safari Park Unveiled Today

Dubai is known for its marvellous projects and Dubai Safari park is an addition to the already existing spectacular wonders. Dubai has a tradition of unveiling mega projects on distinct dates and therefore this stunning project is also unveiled on one such date; 12.12.17.  The grand opening of the Desert Safari park for the visitors will be in January 2018. The wild life project was unveiled to the Media and other designated guests today. This article will offer a brief insight in regard to the amazing Dubai Safari Park.

This is a unique project for Dubai. Earlier people would go to Africa for the jungle safari experience now they can have a similar experience in Dubai.

The Dubai Safari Park will offer an actual forest feel to the visitors with an array of exotic animals. The development can accommodate around 10,000 visitors daily. The project is covered on an area of 119 hectares with around 2500 exotic species of animals and 250 animals are native to the Middle East.

This park will not only be an exciting spot for animal lovers but also a one of a kind edutainment experience. The entrance of the project is an elaborate stunning glass roof along with side by shops and elegant gates. The development consist of African, Asian and Arabian Villages along with a Safari Village where visitor are guided with a safari drive.

The project houses a Kids Farm, Wadi area and two theaters. The world class wild life project facilitates a healthy environment for the animals also wills for wildlife conservation via to top practices and research also increase the awareness about the importance of wild life welfare. The visitors will go around the park in an eco-friendly vehicle to discover the animals.

The park is kept chilled and is extremely environmentally pleasant to all the animals providing them an all climate friendly life.An exclusive opportunity to come closer to wild life and discover them thoroughly. The project is located in Al Warqa 5, in close proximity to Dragon Mart. The cost of the park if it’s an all access package will be Dh 20 for children, Dh 85 for adults, if the package you have chosen excludes Safari village it be Dh 20 for children and 50 for Adults.

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