The French Riviera Replica In Dubai To Be Completed By Early 2019

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The French Riviera Replica in Dubaito be completed by early 2019

The development will be known as AziziRiviera located in Meydan One and is inspired from French Riviera. Thecharming waterfront develop will resonate the south of France and will consist of 69 midrise buildings, 16000 apartments, several luxury hotels and a Mega Mall.Click for more info..

Overview of Azizi Riviera

Exceptional French themed architecture with diversified floor plans, amidst beautiful water bays and lush greenery. Azizi Riviera comes in two phasesfeaturing the best of French Mediterranean design and contemporary architecture. You can live the exact same French styled life without ever leaving Dubai. Azizi Riviera apartment offers studio, One, Two and Three bedroom apartments. The immortalized beauty of the France architecture with high standard interior finishes and fit outs offer a sophisticated lifestyle.  Each apartment offers charming views of the glistening blue water,picturesque ravishing gardens and birds eye view of Dubai.Exuding beauty andglamorous vibes within a tranquil environment will be an ultimate pleasure to residents.

The Azizi Riviera Community Lifestyle

Azizi Riviera Community offer a plenty of vibrant amenities and facilities which will be delight to its residents. A dedicated Bocce area for Bocce lovers, as it is loved by all ages, the residents can unwind themselves with their whole family at Bocce area. State of art facility for a result oriented work out, full stretch running tracks and exceptionally large swimming pool with plenty of seating area next to the pool. Outdoor chess play area, Lounge with movie night where you have abundant space to gather with your whole family and enjoy the movie under the starry skies of Azizi Riviera. Pets agility area enables residents to exercise their pets and make their pet active with play area for pets. A yoga zone where residents can indulge in the most super healthy practice and lead a fit lifestyle. Zen garden is a serene and harmonious area designed with sand/gravel which would change its impression depending on the movement of surface water. The calm setting allows you to unplugyourself from your busy schedule and have a relaxed evening. BBQ Seating area high up at your terrace. Swimming pools are incorporated with an exclusive water fall feature where residents will be able to enjoy a holiday setting everyday. The outdoor experiences offered at Azizi Riviera is one of a kind. Apart from the amazing community, the prominent location;Meydan One has numerous retail, F&B outlets and healthcare/educational facilities nearby.

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