Extravagant Ashjar Apartments In Al Barari For Sale

Apartment Description:

Type: 1 to 3 bedrooms apartments and duplexes.

Size: 2142 sqft to 3960 sqft.

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Al Barari is known for its splendid beauty and mesmerizing ecosystem, amidst the magnificent haven is the exciting development Al Ashjar apartment featuring 300 exquisite apartments buried within grand landscaped gardens and wonderful skyline. The layout is one of a kind offering large living space of 2142 sqft just for a 1 bedroom apartment and 3960 sqft 2 bedroom duplexes; spacious grandeur at its finest. A white contemporary chic apartments in between the botanical gardens, water streams and lakes, offering a ultra luxury living and a fascinating lifestyle.

Al Ashjar apartment consist of three different types, crafted to suit everyone’s unique lifestyle and individual preference:

EXTROVERT: The homes in this category are arranged in a step-layered design, ensuring all the homes enjoy natural light without being fully exposed to the sun at most times of the day. The chic, all-white design in an ultra-modern style is open and airy, with all the space to breathe. The facade of cascading terraces creates distinctive views for each home.

CUBE: Clusters are over five floors and are laid out in two wings. From ground level to the third floor, one can opt for residences that seamlessly blend the built environment into the surrounding forest landscape. While levels four and five offer green vistas over the sprawling forest panorama, up to the magnificent city skyline, including the iconic Burj Khalifa.

INTROVERT: This segment rises to only five floors. The homes have a much more intimate layout and offer utmost privacy to their residents. The innovative movable doors on the terraces can be arranged to create secluded personal retreats. These apartments are more Arabesque in design, with an all-wood color palette that melds with the natural landscape.

The apartments are built with huge terraces which has movable doors and can be arranged for more privacy. The apartments are design in 4 to 5 levels, low rise clusters and each apartment has a wooden colour palette which seamlessly blends in with the remarkable dense garden and canopy trees.

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