5 Easy Ways To Make Your Living Room Look More Spacious

Express yourself without suppressing your valuable space. Given below are 5 simple and trouble free ways in which you can make your living space look bigger.

Choose the right color: Dark colours are beautiful but they have a tendency to give a smaller space appeal and therefore with the use of light colors you can achieve a bigger space appeal. Pale and white colours make the room look large. Picking a monochromatic colour tone for your wall and furnishings can make living room look spacious and inviting. Opting for a light hue all over and going for a bright colour for your ceiling can also offer an illusion of more space.

Rug: Floor visibility is very important to give your living space an airy look, so de-clutter and remove unwanted floor decors and unused furnishings. Choose a big rug to add an expansive look to your living room; small rugs tend to make space look limited.

Flooring: Do not use multiple floor designs; instead use a free flowing single floor design to let the eye freely travel and give an uninterrupted view of the space. Selecting a single identical floor design will enhance space appeal.

Mirror: An over-sized mirror has the ability to make the room look bigger and this option gives you complete flexibility because it’s a less permanent option which allows you to change the living room style depending on a family event. Mirrors not only reflect space, if you position the mirror at the right focal point it will reflect both natural and artificial light making living space look brighter and roomy all the time. If you have less natural light making its way to your living area then use smart lighting fixtures. If you are unable to install mirrors on your wall then mirrors can be incorporated on table tops or on sides or your shelving’s.

Multi functional furnishings: The advantage of multi functional furnishing is you obviously have more uses with just one piece of furniture but on the other hand the prime benefit is giving you more space. Embrace blank space not only through furnishing but also via décor, don’t choose numerous huge decors such as big paintings, giant show pieces etc. Use built in furniture and shelves to save space. See through furniture can give an illusion of more space. Using a floor to ceiling shelving or long curtains makes your living space look large.

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